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Whether it be a contentious HMRC investigation or a voluntary disclosure, Hawthorn Tax can ensure a fair and expedient settlement; protecting your rights and your finances.

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HMRC Investigations & Disclosures

HMRC may open an enquiry into a person’s tax position. This is often referred to as an investigation. Their objective is to check if the declared tax position is correct and complete, which can involve them asking for information and documents. If there are any issues, HMRC will usually seek to recover underpaid tax, penalties, and interest.

Sometimes people identify an issue with their tax affairs and want to disclose this to HMRC. This is known as a voluntary disclosure. It can provide certainty, peace of mind, and moreover, reduced penalties.

Tax investigations can be very lengthy, stressful, and costly. Having the right adviser is crucial to ensuring these factors are mitigated.


We can deal with HMRC on your behalf, creating a barrier to protect your interests.

Bespoke Communicate

We review and respond to HMRC correspondence - reducing stress on you.


We ensure no request or action by HMRC is unreasonable or unfair.


We make sure you get the best possible outcome and support.

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It is never too late to involve us in any tax enquiry or dispute with HMRC. The earlier you involve us the more options you will have.

Let our HMRC inside knowledge protect you against being treated unfairly. Let us secure you a swift and just resolution.

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Successful Strategy

At Hawthorn Tax, we have a proven approach to tackling the key issues you’ll face. We draw on our 10+ years of carrying out HMRC investigations to ensure HMRC stay within their legal boundaries. We represent you, dealing with all HMRC communications, liaising with you throughout so you understand the position and know what to expect. We offer tax investigations fee protection as standard to all our compliance clients, so if you are subject to an HMRC investigation we can represent you at no further cost.

We have achieved great results for our clients through enquiries and voluntary disclosures. Our valuable skill is knowing the limits of HMRC’s powers and ensuring they don’t conduct ‘fishing expeditions’ with our clients’ affairs.

If you have received an enquiry notice from HMRC, COP-8, COP-9, or have something you would like to disclose to HMRC, contact us for a confidential and no obligation consultation.

Our Case Study

HMRC Enquiry - Hawthorn Tax on the case

This client was the subject of a forensic investigation by HMRC. The enquiring team were inexperienced and overstepped their legal remit on many occasions. Thankfully, Hawthorn Tax was on the case.