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Bespoke advice prepared by Chartered Tax Advisers

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We can find a solution for you. We have a wealth of experience in advising businesses, investors and wealthy individuals on their tax positions.

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Tax Advice

Tax advice involves carrying out analysis and providing you with information to help make decisions which can result in big differences to your tax position.

A lot of clients we have worked with found their previous accountant either lacked the knowledge, experience, and/or the motivation to provide tax advice on their particular circumstances. Many have said that they needed to instigate the conversation and, even then, received poor advice in return.

We are experts in tax law and can therefore spot opportunities where others cannot. We take a proactive approach to advice, checking our clients accounts and tax returns for tax efficiencies as part of our compliance services.


As an existing client, we continuously review


All our tax advice is unique to each client


We’ll identify and consider opportunities without you asking


Contactable, personable, and knowledgeable

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Whether you need bespoke tax advice or a routine review of your tax position, Hawthorn Tax have got you covered.

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Bespoke Tax Advice

The core element of our advice service is in preparing bespoke reports and analysis. This usually involves our client having a specific objective or concern they are looking to deal with.

This involves meeting you (face-to-face or virtually), understanding your objectives and the wider context. We collect further facts required for our analysis and then prepare a report with recommendations to discuss. We have a proven track record of delivering significant tax savings so that our clients have been able to pass on more wealth, retain more funds for reinvestment and growth, or simply enjoy more disposable income.

Examples of recent areas we have advised on:

  • Residency
  • Property portfolio restructuring
  • Cryptoassets (tax treatment and trading)
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Company exits (liquidation and sale)
  • Medical Professionals (Pensions, deductions, IR35)
  • Overpayment Relief Claims